Business Applications

As a business grows, so does the information it has to manage. What once started as a paper list pinned to a notice board has become a rat's nest of documents a spreadsheets.

Whether you require bespoke software tailored to your needs, or you just need some technical expertise to help restore order to chaos, I can help your business manage it's information more efficiently.

My Services

Bespoke application development

Whether you require a web site for your customers or an internal application for you and your employees, I can develop bespoke software to streamline your business processes.

Systems integration

You might have several systems already in place that work just fine on their own, just not very well with each other. I can help them play nicely.

Data Processing

Legacy databases, ad-hoc spreadsheets, hundreds of documents and a bulging filing cabinet. You probably have plenty of data that's important to you, it's just not in the right places.

Whatever your situation, I can provide data processing services tailored to your needs.


Bars charts, line graphs, histograms, pie charts... However you want to visualise your data to give you the top-level picture you need. I can provide web-based reporting tools customised to your requirements to allow you to produce reports on demand.